About Kekou

Rotating Craft Beer & Eastern Feast Beginnings

It all started with a boat trip…
Sailing through Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, discovering new, hidden layers of the Asian food world whilst soaking up inspiration from the tropics. Tasting, talking, exploring, comparing and falling deep into the world of Asian fusion flavours.
Imagine, a near two year journey, without a decent craft beer to go with it!  Our love of complex, strong flavours and passion for the creative energy that goes into the amazing array of beers we are blessed with has found a perfect paring with an Asian Feast.  We are proud to be part of Australia’s flourishing craft beer community, and look forward to showcasing the best of what this countries great breweries have to offer.
The layers of flavour that breathe so much life into Asian food also resonate across the beer world and there is always more to discover!
So if there’s one thing that unites us at KEKOU, it is our passion for quality craft beer and an inherent determination to continue exploring.  Our desire to share the passion and energy of Asia with as many people as possible through great beer, great food and memorable experiences, is why we leap out of bed (most) mornings.
We hope you enjoy what we’ve built here. Housed in a 120-year-old building, that represents some of the traditions we draw on, we bring you a place to enjoy, explore and admire all things beer!

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