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Fitness & Health

Fitness XO

377 Bridge Road Richmond, VIC, 3121, Australia Ph: 03) 8596 2961

Opening Hours

For our business opening times please visit our website.

Fitness XO


At Fitness XO, we want our clients to feel that they belong. From a free first-time visitor to a seasoned member, we want to make you feel welcome and we will do everything possible to give you the care and attention you deserve.

After spending several years in the fitness industry in Los Angeles, California, XO’s founder and head trainer, Jimmy Taylor, proceeded to take the best components from leading group fitness workouts in LA and combine them all into one venue right here in Melbourne.

The group classes are designed to continually challenge you. Each day of the week, we offer a unique class format and each week, we offer a fresh, new program – so, you won’t get bored and your muscles won’t become too efficient in their exercise cycle. This means that you will continue to maximise calorie burn each class, week after week, month after month.

We want to remove any excuse you may have not to work out. So, we aim to have the newest equipment, best routines, warmest environment and nicest facilities in a venue that you won’t want to leave.

At XO, our staff would like to be considered mates, and we will strive to create an environment that will make your visit to XO an enjoyable one. Our trainers will guide and encourage you through the workout so that you get the maximum reward for your effort. So, come on in! Give yourself some XO.



Your prize includes 10 VIP tickets for you and your mates + $500 drink card + 100 cans of Vodka Soda & delivered to your door!

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