Fine Line Tattoos

About Fine Line Tattoos

Cholo first started out back in 2011 his work was heavily influenced by the lettering graffiti that he had done in high school. But as he started working with customers who wanted fine line cursive lettering he learned that he excelled at creating this type of work, and just like that, he found his style.
“I got more confident with it and started putting my own flair onto these pieces,” Cholo says. “That’s when I really started picking up a lot of work designing and doing smaller and purely fine line work. I think in a lot of ways my clientele helped me realise my style, they also help me refine it through their own creativity. I realised this was where my talent was and so I spent most of my time making sure this skill was as close to perfect as I can get it.” With his focus clearly on delicate, fine line illustrative blackwork tattoos, Cholo has found his niche.

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