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Totos Pizza

301 Bridge Road Richmond, VIC, 3121, Australia Ph: 9429 2020

Opening Hours

For our business opening times please visit our website.

Totos Pizza

The art of making great pizzas originated in Naples Italy. Fresh home made ingredients, a love of fine food and wine and in particular a welcoming host were the ingredients of these Italian “masters of gourmet”.

Toto’s brought this Italian pizza making tradition to Melbourne in 1961 in Lygon St Carlton and they are still there today.

Toto’s Pizza house has been a part of Melbourne’s culinary history for as long as most people can remember. Toto’s was the first pizza house in Australia and we intend on staying the best! Toto’s is the first pizzeria in Australia to be inducted into the pizza hall of fame.

As a family business we pride ourselves on fresh tasty Italian ingredients and our team is always devoted to giving you, our guest’s nothing but the best.

As well as traditional style pizza’s we have introduced a healthy and gourmet range, salads, meals and desserts to cater for everybody.

Bon appétit.



Your prize includes 10 VIP tickets for you and your mates + $500 drink card + 100 cans of Vodka Soda & delivered to your door!

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