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Fitness & Health

The EMS Studio

153 Bridge Road Richmond, VIC, 3121, Australia Ph: 0499 297 846

Opening Hours

For our business opening times please visit our website.

The EMS Studio

The EMS Studio

Full body workout in JUST 20 minutes!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training by The EMS Studio is a new innovative and time effective workout which have just launched in Melbourne, Victoria. One quick 20 minutes workout is equivalent to 90 minutes at the gym!

At The EMS Studio, our coach will take you through a 20 minutes workout which will result in over 150 times more muscle contraction than your average workout. These electrical impulses mimic those controlled by our Central Nervous System. EMS training have been around for many decades and often used by:

  • Athletes;
  • Body Builders;
  • Allied health professionals for the purpose of rehabilitation.

EMS works directly on the muscles, bypassing the body’s energy conservation system, thus there’s no limit to the percentage of fiber that can be activated. The EMS stimulus “spills over” from fully contracted fiber to activate remaining fiber (given sufficient current) allowing the individuals to experience a training stimulus that’s unattainable by any other means.



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